"There's no such thing as a natural-born pilot"

— Chuck Yeager

Private Pilot Certificate • $10,900

What can you do with your course named?

Having your Private Pilot Certificate allows you to join the friendly skies for recreation and personal travel. You can take your family on a weekend trip or to the beach for a quick lunch. Your friends can join for a joy ride to take in the views that you can only get in the air.

A Private Pilot Certificate allows you to fly in VFR conditions (Visual Flight Rules). This means you can fly in good weather, high visibility, and below the cloud cover. To fly in cloudy weather conditions, you may consider earning your instrument rating which allows you to fly in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) conditions.

Basic Requirements

Do you offer financing options?

To make sure money is not a deterrent in your training we recommend pilot financing. For as little as $170 a month we can make sure your dream will not be hindered by cost.
We work with AOPA Finance. They can finance everything from just your private pilot certificate to your full career in aviation.

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Discount your training by Paying up front for the full certificate (10,000) gives you 10% off all aircraft rentals

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