What makes our professional program different?

Our competitors rent out services by the hour and give you a cost range based on unrealistic finishing times. If you end up going over the estimate, they will usually blame you and your original budget will be higher. With this training model, it is in the other school's best interest to keep you flying as long as possible. They do not care how long it takes you to finish and how much it will cost you since they will make more. 

Valkyrie aviation's flat-rate tuition cost takes that out of the equation. It is our best interest to finish your training as quickly and efficiently as possible since we cover everything in one flat-rate. This program is only recommended for students who can attend at least four times a week. For anything less than that, we highly recommended joining our flight club where you can pay as you go.



The structure

Our program is unlike any other flight school; we are more like a military flight school with more fun and no yelling. Before starting our program, you will begin with prerequisite homework designed to familiarise yourself with aeronautical knowledge and pass your test.

Once you start your program, we have a very structured syllabus designed with a combination of ground classes, simulator, and flights. Our program is designed not to fail you with the student's best interest. If you are struggling, we give you free online ground school with all the information you need from home. If you need more time in the plane, our FAA approved simulator is free and can be used as much as you want until you are ready.

Because of our structured model, no other flight school can guarantee flat rate pricing with guaranteed finish times. 

Our family started Valkyrie Aviation out of San Antonio, Texas. Starting with one plane bought off a credit card, Valkyrie Aviation is now the highest rated schools in Texas. The school was built to provide a different philosophy to flying. Realizing all the frustrations and Inefficiencies of other flight schools, Valkyrie Aviation changed that with a efficient program that leads to results.

What Makes Us Different?

Let’s start by talking about what we are not: we take pride in not being a large corporation or pilot-factory like many other schools. Our mission is to empower our students to achieve their dreams through the gift of flight. We accomplish this through a commitment to excellence, celebrating individualism and building a community fueled by passion. 

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