"There's no such thing as a natural-born pilot"

— Chuck Yeager

Our Courses

Private Pilot

For the adventure

Finish in 5 week



Through the clouds

Finish in 4 weeks



The Profession

Finish in 6 weeks


 Flight Instructor

To pass on the legacy

Finish in 2 weeks


We offer two programs, our flat-rate accelerated program, and our pay as you go flight club program. Contact us to see what program is better for you. 


Flat-rate cost for private pilot certificate guaranteed to finish in 5-weeks and guaranteed check ride date. This included all flight time, simulator time, ground school and materials (books, kings school online, foreflight)

What makes our professional program different?

Other flight schools rent out services by the hour and give you a cost range based on unrealistic finishing times, usually 40 hours instead of the national average of 65. If you end up going over the estimate, they will usually blame you, and your original budget will be much higher. With this training model, it is in the school's best interest to keep you flying as long as possible. They do not care how long it takes you to finish and how much it will cost you. Valkyrie aviation's flat-rate tuition cost takes that out of the equation. It is in our best interest to finish your training as quickly and efficiently as possible since we cover everything at one flat-rate. This program is only recommended for students who can attend four times a week. For anything less than that, we highly recommended joining our flight club where you can pay as you go.

What Can You Do with a Private Pilot Certificate?

Having your Private Pilot Certificate allows you to join the skies for recreation and personal travel. You can take your family on a weekend trip or to the beach for lunch. Your friends can join for a joy ride to take in the views you can only get in the air. You can fly anywhere in the world within reason and take passengers. Your only limitation is you can not be compensated for your flying; see our career pilot program to get paid to fly!

To Begin Training:

  • Take our discovery flight or first flight to meet us.

  • Discuss your schedule and expectations.

  • No alcohol and drug-related offenses.

  • Be able to pass a flight physical.

  • Bring in your passport or birth certificate to prove U.S citizenship.

Do you offer financing options?

To make sure money is not a deterrent in your training, we recommend pilot financing. For as little as $170 a month, we can make sure your dream will not be hindered by cost.
We work with 
AOPA FinanceSuper Money, or Lending Tree. They can finance everything from just your private pilot certificate to your full career in aviation.

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