“The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly airplanes. Me, I’d rather fly.”

— Len Morgan

Career Pilot Program  $45,900

(6 months of training)

From no experience to becoming a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor, this package includes private pilot, instrument rating, commercial certificate, CFI, and CFII. You are guaranteed to finish in six months with guaranteed check ride dates—the least expensive guarantee with the quickest finish time in the nation.

Your Flying Career Plan

Our program puts you on the fast track to join the airliners. From no experience at all in 6 months, we will coach you through your private pilot, instrument, commercial, and certified flight instructor courses. On completion, we give the first-choice option to be hired as a flight instructor. Plan on working as a flight instructor for a year and a half until you have the experience to join the regional airlines. No other professional school offers this short of time with this low cost with guaranteed finish times.

Do you offer financing options?

To make sure money is not a deterrent in your training, we recommend pilot financing. For as little as $170 a month, we can make sure your dream will not be hindered by cost.
We work with 
AOPA FinanceSuper Money, or Lending Tree. They can finance everything from just your private pilot certificate to your full career in aviation.

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